About Our Club

Chartered on 12 September 1992, the Waterfront Rotary Club has a rich history, and its first captain was Thomas Graham. Our members reside in and around Cape Town, the legislative capital in South Africa and the capital city of the Western Cape province.

Being a club of professional ‘doers’ our projects are aimed at directly impacting the social and economic needs of the less fortunate by bringing together key stakeholders from civil society, business, education, and government.

Today, we pride ourselves on being one of the friendliest Rotary clubs in Cape Town and have created a welcoming environment for all members, guests, and funding partners. We strongly believe that “Together we can make the change!”

The Seal’s Bark

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Our History

We are a daughter club of the Rotary Club of Cape Town and were chartered on 12th September 1992. We have since chartered the Rotary Club of Melkbos and more recently, the RC of Langebaan. Of the original 33 charter members, 4 remain. They are seen here with Charter President Thomas Graham (second from left, who now lives in Australia). We currently have 37 members.

The Waterfront Rotary Club is part of District 9350. Our district covers a large part of the Southern African sub-continent, incorporating the whole of Angola and Namibia, and parts of the Western and Southern Cape of the Republic of South Africa.

It covers an area of 2.4 million square kilometres reaching from the Angolan border in the north to the southern tip of Africa – a distance of 3 200 kilometres and is an average of 600 kilometres wide along it’s entire length. District 9350 comprises 58 clubs in all three countries.

Our unique Identity

Rob the Seal

On a hot sunny morning, crew were sitting at breakfast at the Royal Cape Yacht Club, when there was a loud splash and a thump, and a large grey fur seal heaved itself out of the water and onto the floating dock to sun itself outside the window. Almost in unison was the call for adopting the Seal as our logo and the newsletter to be called Seal’s Bark. Being bilingual, another exclamation translated seal to Afrikaans Rob and so Rob the Seal became our mascot, our logo and our friend!

Our Board 2022/2023

Mymoena Ismail

Captain (President)

June Webber

Membership & PI

Sue Truter


Debby Daniel


Johann Gerber

Immediate Past President & Fundraising

Janet Kriseman

Rotary Foundation

Piet Postema

Service Projects

Maryka Vermaak

Club Admin

Spiro Mitchell

Master Bosun

Derek Pead

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Robert Magotsi