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Sakhele Ndabeni - Green Spaces South Africa

Activation of Citizen Environmental awareness

It was a pleasure to meet up with Sakhele Ndabeni to learn more about Greenspaces. Greenspaces SA is a registered non-profit company, based in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Sakhele explained that they work across the country and have social partners across the world. “We are the drivers of the climate change “TALK2ACTION” & advocates of the “SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS agenda through social cohesion and community mobilization.”

In 2017 Greenspaces SA started to campaign for a mass participation program that speaks to the Paris agenda and now the COP27 through the GREEN CYCLE TOUR AFRICA 2030, a cross border cycling initiative. Its mission is to turn climate change distress and hopelessness into economic opportunities and social change addressing xenophobic challenges at the same time. 

Sakhele shared that “in October 2023 at the Smart Mobility Afrika we will be launching our first lap of our seven year plan interacting with sustainable transportation role player business of green leaders, change makers and environmental advocates.”

“The approach to Waterfront Rotary was to assist Greenspaces with marketing and publicity support, looking for available long term partnership opportunities in the organization as well as financial support and capacity building. “Building a strong social cause relationship is our mission at the same time”. 

Sakhele was sincerely thanked by Robert Magotsi for an interesting talk. 

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