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Cheyne Robertson

Guest Speaker – Cheyne Robertson

Cheyne Robertson is a co-founder, technical lead, and business development manager for Advance Alliance, delivering environmentally friendly industrial and agricultural solutions globally.
Cheyne has worked with high level clients across multiple industries throughout the USA, Africa and the Middle East, driving sales and multiple large projects. Previously a physiotherapist, he did his community service at Manguzi Hospital, working as the head therapist on rotations in medical, surgical, high care and paediatric wards. His father persuaded him to pursue this career change because of the global environmental challenges we are facing globally.

The above slide shows the 15 areas where Advance Alliance Ergofito provides effective, highly efficient and envrivonmentally friendly solutions.
Background to Ergofito: In the 1990’s a group of scientists in Italy set out to answer the questions: How does nature clean soil? How does nature clean water? What makes humus? It took 35 years for them to identify that nature has a way of remediating the environment. A group of 42 bacteria that exist everywhere in the world are the cleaning agent, the remediator.

This group of bacteria, called Ergofito, consume or convert most of the environmental trouble-makers found today into amino-acids, proteins and humus. Nature, in an elegant way, can take something that is out of balance, correct it and make it bneficial again in our environment by nature herself!

Cheyne was sincerely thanked by Jan Buurman for an informative talk on a critically important topic. Also for adhering to the dress code of Heritage Day, looking resplendent in his Kilt, proud of his heritage. 

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