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Help yourself South Africa

Advocate Frans Rautenbach was the guest speaker at our in-person club meeting on 5 May 2023, and gave us a bit of an insight into the basis of his latest book: “Help yourself South Africa”

Rautenbach told Biznews about his blueprint to fix education, health, housing, and other functions of government and suggests that some of the labour laws in the country could be challenged constitutionally. He looks at where regulation was shackling South Africans and suggests a way around them.

Frans is married to Elmari Rautenbach, a publisher, and they live in Kenilworth. Their 3 children are currently all studying abroad (New York and London) and it seems that at least 2 of them will return to South Africa after their studies. 

Frans wrote his latest book “Help Yourself South Africa” to encourage every citizen to be actively involved with their communities, and to rebuild it and each other. Decentralization of government and power is a theme throughout the book.

“There are no solutions. Only trade-offs” – Thomas Sowell. Do you know why the majority in South Africa hurt so much? They hurt because they do not work, which means they do not produce life quality. Productive work is literally the antidote to the misery of poverty,…”

Through his specialization and labour law he discovered that well-meaning laws often have the different effect. The very poor suffer the most from labour law constraints. – quote from the book.

Frans is a humble and unassuming activist for the poor in South Africa, and indeed our continent. His campaign and struggle to wake up every passive inhabitant of SA in order to become an active citizen, are finding willing ears on all levels of society. Less government and more personal and local responsibility in your street, neighbourhood and local authority, all people working together to improve the local situation for everyone, is his message for a better community and society.   (Thanks to Chris Fick for the transcript.)

Our Bosun Martin Colman, handing over a gift to guest speaker –
Advocate Frans Rautenbach. 

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