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Heritage Architecture

Guest speaker – Shaun Adendorff

Chairman of the Heritage Advisory Committee for the Pinelands HPOZ, Shaun has acted as principal Architect completing 300+ projects of a diverse spectrum ranging from residential, retail and commercial, which include a number of award winning projects.

Our heritage is a precious legacy from the past that we must cherish and safeguard today to preserve it for future generations. It shapes our cultural identity and is unique, invaluable, and irreplaceable.

Shaun’s talk focused on the importance of Cape Town’s “heritage culture” and the need to preserve its authenticity despite the impact of time and events on historical areas like Bo-Kaap, Clifton, Bakoven, Gardens, and Rondebosch. He explained that heritage resources are categorized into three grades:

•   Grade I: These are exceptional resources of national importance, including City Hall, the Castle, and Bo Kaap, managed by the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA).

•   Grade II: These are resources of special significance in a province or region, managed by provincial heritage resources authorities (PHRAs) like Heritage Western Cape (HWC) in the Western Cape.

•   Grade III: This category includes all other heritage resources worthy of conservation, identified and managed by the local authority (City of Cape Town) and grouped into A, B, and C for better management.

Above: Stuart presenting on the various criteria for grading: Orientation and Siting.
Slide lifted from his ppt presentation. 
Slide lifted from his ppt presentation. 

In closing, Janet complimented Stuart on his “mastery of the subject – which she said was gob smacking”. We learnt that Stuart is Johann’s neighbour and that they live in the leafy thatched suburb of Pinelands, the first Garden City graded in Cape Town, protected by the Pinelands Heritage Zone.

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