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Highlights of an Amazing Three-Day District Event

Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (POETS) Thursday, 20 April 2023 at The Castle

68 Presidents-elect and office bearers gathered at the historic Castle de Gooie Hoop for their annual training under the leadership of District Governer-Elect Ann Wright in the magnificent Het Bakhuys. Crew Jacqueline Tamri played an important support role to our DGE, ensuring that all ran smoothly. 

Mymoena shared these insights: “As the incoming president of the RC Waterfront, the seminar brought together leaders from all over D9350 eager to bring hope to their communities as well as within their respective Clubs. The platform allowed for great ideas to be exchanged especially within the construct of a socio-economic reset post-COVID-19.”

Jacqueline who also attended said “POETS was excellently informative on so many levels, questions, and active participation from all. Thank you,@Mymoena for representing Waterfront Rotary Club. Your insights, comments and suggestions were all well received.”

Theme for the 2023-2024 Rotary Year – Create Hope in the World – RI President Gordon McInally

District Trainer PDG Casper Kruger and PDG David Holtzhausen in action during training! Below: DGE Ann outlining her priority goals. The message of “hope” was constantly reinforced throughout the three days.

Mayoral Reception in the Historic Banqueting Hall of the City Hall – Inspiring Address by the Deputy Mayor Eddie Andrews -Friday, 21 April

150 Rotarians, spouses, partners and Rotaractors joined together in this magnificent setting as guests of the City of Cape Town. Wine kindly donated by sponsors; the cuisine provided by the CoCT was substantial and beautifully presented.

A Conference Highlight – The Executive Mayor of Cape Town – Geordin Hill-Lewis – Recognised as a Paul Harris Fellow

A moving moment for all was when the Executive Mayor was unexpectedly presented with a Paul Harris Recognition by DG Tracey for his admirable and continous work to uplift communities in Cape Town. The DG then went on to induct the Executive Mayor as an Honorary Member of the RC of Helderberg Sunrise. A proud moment for the Executive Mayor that left us all quite emotional!

The Executive Mayor with Brandon Beack, our inspiring guest speaker who moved the audience with his life story of how he turned his life around. To the right, RI President’s Representative – RI Director Jeremy Hurst, who was accompanied by is wife Michelle, encouraging and reinforcing the importance of partnerships to bring change into our communities and grow our membership stressing our importance as People of Action.  

A wow moment for Waterfront Rotary – winning the Best District Club Project award for the Mobile Dental Clinic – the R3 million state of the art clinic – a collaboration between the RF, the University of the Western Cape, the Dental Wellness Trust, Colgate Palmolive and Llanishen Cardiff Rotary and their Welsh District.

The Grand Finale! Nautical Fun Event – Regatta Centre of The Royal Cape Yacht Club – Saturday 22 April – What a Blast!

Left: Spiro and Renee Mitchell, did not win a prize but certainly entered into the nautical spirit of the evening – Spiro was unrecognisable;  Right: Best dressed: Jacqueline Tamri  and fellow Rotarian. 

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