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Peacebuilding Workshop: ‘Letter To Myself’ & ‘Boxes’

Facilitator – Earl Mentor – provided this report back.
Many people realise that the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” refers to not judging someone based only on their appearance. What about the proverb “people shouldn’t be put in boxes”?

Although it’s not something that people hear all the time, this has a very comparable meaning. Judgement without knowledge is the act of critically placing a wide range of individuals in “boxes” based only on appearance or how each individual views the other. People tend to pass judgement quickly, which is why these perceptions of “boxes” exist.

Rotary Club of Waterfront and Mentoring PeaceBuilders South Africa completed yet another successful workshop with learners at Salesians.

The peacebuilding workshop entitled: ‘Letter To Myself’ & ‘Boxes’ highlight the fact that no matter how big or small, tall or large, everyone is together and share more in common than they think.   Everyone is different and has their special commonalities throughout the world, there just needs to be less box placing and more listening, to who people truly are.

Mentoring Peacebuilders South Africa is a not-for-profit who believe that when stepping back and watching from the outside, labelling individuals with no information or facts provided about them can make it hard to seek a positive judgement.

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