14 years ago we established as a pilot project, libraries in three Primary Schools to improve the lives of impoverished rural children in communities who have no local NGO support. Phase 1We require ongoing support including stipends for the library assistants and continual refreshing of book stocks. Recent Electricity supply disruptions have destroyed all nine standalone desktop computers. (Refurbished computers are adequate for the basic uses required)

Project Details


  • Kheis, Northern Cape
  • Nourivier, Northern Cape
  • Norap, Rooifontein, Northern Cape



Funding Sources

RNET Trust and Douglas Roberts Trust

Project Value

R50,000 for computers with surge suppression. R12000 per year for stipends R12000 per year for books

Team Members

David Bradley – Project Manager

Duration of Project

Long-term (Infinite)


In progress for several years


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