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Reflecting on the Discon 2023 Conference

Friday was a fun meeting with DG Tracey and DGE Ann, an opportunity to reflect on all the positive elements of conference, also a chance to give both DG Tracey and DGE Ann a platform to express their appreciation for the solid work that crew had done to ensure that Discon 2023 ticked all the boxes.  Martin and crew were in fine forming adding much banter to a short Discon ppt presentation on many of the Discon highlights. Above, DG Tracey officially handing over the Best Project in District 9350 Award for the UWC Mobile Dental Clinic to June. Our weekly meeting was followed by a Discon 2023 close-out meeting to tie up final loose ends. Discon 2023 is now done and dusted! Lots of great pics on the Discon website under “Gallery”. Take a look. 

Left, DGE Ann. with bosun Derek Pead, delighted to have won a bottle of wine in the weekly draw; Right: PDG David Holtzhausen receives a box of red wine as a token of appreciation for all his hard work  assisting the organising committee with branding and providing exceptional techno services at no charge to Rotary. A super star!

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