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Salesian Institute Youth Projects 4.0

Help Shape Student’s Ambitions and Ventures

Saturday, 21 October 2023 – Members of the Rotary Club of Waterfront Mymoena Ismail and Jan Buurman, as well as business figures Nilan Dosa of Sintrex and Paulo da Santos, Educomergy, interacted with students from Salesians Institute Youth Projects (SIYP) studying New Venture Creation.  The 4-person panel heard from four groups about their business ventures and helped shape their ambitions.  The majority have opened fast-food cafes in their communities and have put about R1 000 into their venture.

YES I CAN DO IT – Social Media and ME

Friday, 20 October 2023: We have successfully completed the Social Media and Me training module with Year 4 learners. Positive feedback has been given to the Social Media and Me training for Salesians’ learners. The Amy doll activity’s emphasis on fostering emotional intelligence and empathy was well received by the participants. While highlighting the significance of values online, the programme assisted them in developing their social media navigational abilities.

Developing positive online connections, recognising warning signs, understanding the risks of cyberbullying, and understanding the importance of their digital record were just a few of the themes covered in the training.

It is safe to infer from the feedback that learners now have a better awareness of online safety and the significance of upholding appropriate online behaviour.

Thanks to Rotary Club of Waterfront and Reality Learning SA the Social Media and Me training module has provided Salesians youngsters with practical skills, a greater sense of empathy and a clearer grasp of principles for both their professional and personal life in the digital world.

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