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Salesians 4.0 – YES I CAN DO IT, Unlocking Minds

Workshop #5 (Level 2): Navigating Landmines in Our Lives

The world has undergone a devastating global war and once again faces seemingly insurmountable problems in the form of planetary pollution, food and energy shortages and growing tension between varying political and religious philosophies. And still despite all the hate going around, there will still be those who continue to sow seeds of peace and love in a troubled world. Landmines (internal & external challenges) can be the transforming power of Peace and Love to work its magic on a world that needs it as never before in history. We have observed the power of peace in our workshop #5. The learners had an opportunity to identify unprocessed emotions and unresolved negative stories in their lives by identifying landmines as the wounds that drive our every decision and action we make without even knowing it (going through life blindfolded). 

Facilitated by Earl Mentor, a great peace building workshop session was had.

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