You are currently viewing Salesians YES I CAN Workshop #8: “Afrikaaps” Documentary Review

Salesians YES I CAN Workshop #8: “Afrikaaps” Documentary Review

Report back from Earl Mentor – Peace Jam South Africa 

Snako Msi, our Spark Film Ambassador and Facilitator, led a social impact film screening of the critically acclaimed documentary “Afrikaaps” today. 

Synopsis of “Afrikaaps”

The movie tracks a group of artists who are developing the stage show “Afrikaaps” as they discover the real origins of Afrikaans, which can be traced back to slaves in the Cape. The movie returns Afrikaans to its rightful owners by liberating it from its stereotype as the language of oppressors. 

Engagement and Discussion

The learners were encouraged to share their own understanding of how language contributes to cultural understanding and identity, and our social impact film facilitator, Snako, did a fantastic job of doing so. We observed and experienced a high level of engagement from the students in attendance. Subsequently, the facilitator divided the group into smaller units to discuss the subjects of race, culture, and community. The students’ next assignment was to present their findings to the larger group, which turned out to be beneficial. A thorough awareness of the significance of comprehending identity and difference within the South African context and tackling the underlying factors that contribute to the significant cultural divide in the country. (Below – participants)

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