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Above: Left - Johann Gerber. Ralph Roseman, Stephan Lombard (Guest Speaker), Captain Mymoena Ismail and Jan Buurman.

Understanding the Energy Transition: Insights from Stephan Lombard, President Rotary Club of Oostenberg

Speaker Profile: Stephan Lombard

Having stepped into the journalism and media world before graduating high school, Stephan had a proven track record of passion and versatility within the industry, constantly seeking out new challenges and ways to make a difference as part of his professional and personal fulfillment. Well-known as producer of the John Mathan show on Cape Talk for many years, Stephan now works permanently as a Communications Associate at Global Strategic Communications Council (GSCC) full-time.

Understanding the Energy Transition

Stephan touched on numerous questions attendees were grappling with. 

What is the energy transition? Stephan explained that it is the [global] energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption including oil, natural gas and coal — to renewable energy sources like wind and solar, as well as lithium-ion batteries.

Just Transition: Creating Fair and Inclusive Opportunities

What is a just energy transition? A Just Transition means greening the economy in a way that is as fair and inclusive as possible to everyone concerned, creating decent work opportunities and leaving no one behind.

Decarbonizing the Grid: Challenges and Progress

Decarbonising the grid is the “least-cost pathway* to securing a stable, capable system that provides energy for everyone. Coal still dominates the South African energy mix, providing 80%+ of the total system load. The contribution of renewable energy technologies (wind, solar PV and CSP) increased in 2022 to a total of 6.2 GW installed capacity and provided 7.3% of the total energy mix.

Why not nuclear? Time and money 2017 -> 2029 GBP 18 billion -> GBP 34 billion Why not gas? Greenfield development needed Stranded assets Currency exposure The comrades must eat.

The Economic and Social Implications of the Energy Transition

The energy transition is well and truly underway. But, a JUST transition is essential for the economy and its people. Income tax paying South Africans are going to be picking up the bill either way. By clinging to centralised power so long, Marxist factions in government have achieved the very opposite of their ideals – the free market floodgates are well and truly open. Zero regulation and farkakte policy will make all of us poorer and increase the inequalities that already threaten to boil over.

Ralph sincerely thanked Stephan for a riveting talk on a topic that impacts the entire population of South Africa. 

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