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Despite cold weather, crew “showed up” to listen to the report back on the Adventure into Citizenship programme in which the two Learners from Salesians – Zingce Somlenze and Simnikiwe Nguqu had recently participated – “through their eyes”. 

In his introduction, Tony Austin warmly thanked the RC of Waterfront for their assistance in “unlocking the minds of our not forgotten youth” acknowledging the incredible partnership that had been developed since identifying Salesians as the RC of Waterfront’s 30th Legacy Project, spearheaded by Charter President Tom Graham, ratified by Piet Postema in his introduction of Tony Austen. An extract from Tony’s mail received on Monday, is copied below:

“Experiencing the growth of young people always inspires and uplifts spirits”

“Waterfront Rotary did themselves proud putting their full weight behind the Adventures into Citizenship Programme. The two learners from Learn to Live school of Skills enjoyed an amazing opportunity to meet, network, learn and to engage with young people they would not in their usual course of school life meet. The learners at Learn to Live seldom gain access to programmes like the Adventures into Citizenship. Rotary creates awareness of the possibilities available beyond the learners kindly sponsored.  

Both learners, Zingce and Simnikiwe even surprised me with the confident presentations of their experiences of the week at the Waterfront Rotary breakfast. It is evident how the programme potential and power to transform and build young people. Both girls clearly blossomed from the exposure to the programme.

The school and teachers are extremely proud and would like to extend their appreciation and gratitude to Waterfront Rotary’s inspiring involvement, organization, and financial support. Truly an amazing experience.”

Both speakers spoke of their nervous participation at the beginning, but at the end of the camp, not wanting to return home. Singce shared that she learnt about self confidence, “to believe in myself, to be who I am and self care. It was nice spending time and getting to know new people, different to me and made lots of friends.”

Simnikiwe also spoke of having learnt a lot about being self-confident and being a future leader. “I was someone who was shy and did not like people’s attention, so the camp impacted my life in a positive way. I am now brave enough to stand in front of people and talk.  I visited places that I never thought I would go to – my journey is just starting out.”

It was evident that these two learners from Salesians had experienced an enormous growth opportunity for which they were sincerely grateful. With their self-confidence boosted, there is little doubt that their life growth trajectory will find a path for them to utilise the important life skills learnt, that will determine their future success in life.

Above: Zingce Somlenze and Simnikiwe Nguqu – with Piet Postema, Captain Mymoena, Tony Austen and June Webber

Left: Captain Mymoena, Tony and Debby; Right: Zingce Somlenze and Simnikiwe Nguqu – delighted to receive small gifts in appreciation for their heart-warming feedback “through their eyes” – of how the AIC experience impacted their lives. 

Left: Robert Magotsi with Stephen Horn, a former Rotary Exchange Student to France many years ago, keen to reconnect with Rotary. Stephen’s passion is the environment. Robert and Stephen had much to talk about. Right: Golden Oldies Mike and June have both grappled with health issues lately, but keep on smiling!

Assistant Governor Justin Schonegevel complimented Captain Mymoena on the club’s excellent Strategic Plan for the next three years. Justin shared that in addition to being the Assistant Governor to the RC of Waterfront, his further District role was Chair: Interact. Justin stressed the critical importance of the club’s participation in Rotary District’s Youth programmes. This year growing membership in District 9350 is a priority after three difficult years post COVID resulting in membership attrition. We need to build capacity. Rotarians lead by example – we show up, work hard and mix with the right people.

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