You are currently viewing Winning Debating Teams from Reddam Constantia (juniors) and Springfield Convent (seniors)

Winning Debating Teams from Reddam Constantia (juniors) and Springfield Convent (seniors)

The meeting on zoom was addressed by Johann Kok (chairperson of the UCT Debating Union and seasoned adjudicator), Ms Merle Stoltz (teacher in charge of debating at Reddam Constantia), a member of their winning junior team Dominique Ducray (teacher in charge of debating at Springfield Convent) and  a member of their winning senior team Mazvita Macheke.

Johann Kok explained how the adjudication of Rotary debates is done. Other than a speech contest the adjudicators do not only look at content and presentation but also on how arguments are formulated and how the team members engage with each other. As there is an opportunity for  the opposition to ask for points of information  during a speech, it is important how these are answered. At the end of the 3 speeches given by a side there is one final speech to handle replies to the arguments put forward by the opposition, so is most important and often decides the outcome.

Both learners stated that competing in the competition helped them improve their communication skills. It taught them to think on their feet and helped them build their confidence. They also enjoyed the opportunity to meet learners from other competing schools.

Both teachers thanked Rotary for the opportunity and the excellent organisation and hard work put in by Mrs Alison van Rensburg, the  organising secretary.

The Inter Schools’ Debating competition has been running since 1989 and over 40 schools in the greater Cape Town area participated.

(Thanks to Johann Gerber – RCW Project Co-ordinator)

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