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YES, I CAN DO IT – Salesians 4.0 Entrepreneurship Development,

On Friday, November 3, PeaceJam SA organized a life skills workshop for Year 3 learners. The aim of the workshop was to teach essential skills such as teamwork, effective communication, and focus needed to succeed in life. The learners participated in a tennis ball-throwing activity, where the ball symbolized the challenges in life and how to express oneself rather than becoming depressed.
The main takeaways for the learners were:
    • When you drop the tennis ball, pick it up and reconnect.
    • Life will throw many challenges your way, but it’s up to you to respond in the best way possible in order to succeed.
The learners were also asked to write down three things they liked about themselves. As a result, some of the students were confident enough to articulate themselves while others hesitated to share with the group. In the end, the key message was clear: know your worth and maintain it, no matter what challenges you are facing.
To wrap up the session, the students were given journals to capture their experiences. These journals will serve as a portfolio of evidence, allowing the students to track their progress over the next few weeks.
Ms. Roberta, the Year 3 teacher, provided positive feedback, suggesting that more of these workshops are needed for learners to excel in both academic and social areas. Earl Mentor, the workshop facilitator, truly connected with the learners in this all-important journey of soft (life) skills development.

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